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Best Investment App for Parents

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Best Investment App for Beginners

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It’s easy.

Gifting the Future

Only Stockpile lets you give loved ones something truly unique — a gift card redeemable for stock ownership.

Off to a Good Start

Custodial accounts for kids are easy to set up and monitor so they can embrace investing early in life.

Knowledge is Power

Anyone can start investing with just some basics and a little confidence. Check out our Beginner's Guide.

As You Wish

Fractional share trading means you can buy stocks in the companies you love in the amounts you can afford.

Create & fund your account

Redeem a gift card or link a bank account to your brokerage account so you can start investing.

Choose your stocks

Pick from 1000s of the most popular stocks and ETFs to develop your portfolio to your liking.

Sit back & relax

All brokerage activity and personal information is protected by 256-bit encryption and optional two-factor authentication.

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