5 of the Best Financial TED Talks

You’ve graduated from college, you’re achieving in your career, and thinking about buying your first stock. The only problem is, you were never precisely taught what the best stocks to invest in or where to start the research. Many successful Stockpile customers have found financial TED Talks to be a great starting point. If you have never heard of a TED talk, or are wondering who TED is, we can help you there. TED talks are short, inspiring speeches usually given by successful and forward-thinking individuals at TED conferences. These conferences have been happening since 1984, and thanks to video players like YouTube, are now accessible to all. Offering inspiring thoughts from accomplished speakers, here are five financial TED talks that we love to get you started on your financial investing journey.

Top 5 Financial TED Talks

stockpile, financial ted talksChris McKnett – The Investment Logic for Sustainability 

Today’s Millennial investor has more on their mind than merely doubling profits. Millennials typically are looking to do right with their money and invest in sustainable-directed companies. Where do you want you to put your hard-earned money? Chris McKnett makes a case for investing in companies that are tackling issues in land management, clean air, and fresh water innovations. Get some ideas on spending themes with The Investment Logic for Sustainability.

Jessica Jackley – Poverty, Money – and Love 

One significant way to stay grounded while investing is donating to charity. Recorded at TED Global 2010, the founder of Kiva.org shares her story of changing her money-giving and charitable practices. From being a duty and a transaction to a higher purpose of investing in people’s lives via micro-lending, Jessica Jackley covers it all in this speech. She found that giving money to the poor would get them started on their dreams. How about you?

Shlomo Benartzi – Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow

Making money is a behavior that we all can learn, but we must withstand the constant temptations to spend our hard-earned money. Shlomo Benartzi, an American economist who speaks and writes about retirement and savings, gives us insights in this clip for a long-term savings program.

Paul Kemp Robertson – Bitcoin. Sweat. Tide. Meet the Future of Branded Currency

Advertising and marketing professional Paul Kemp Robertson explains how to understand your relationship with money, comparing it to our relationship with brands. In marketing, we show loyalty to consistent and transparent brands. Can we do the same with money?

Michael Norton: How to buy happiness

“Can money bring you happiness?” asks Michael Norton in this TedX Cambridge talk from 2011. As a Harvard professor and research director, Norton discusses experiments conducted around the relationship between money and happiness. The results found that people who gave freely of their money to worthy causes and organizations showed a higher level of happiness and satisfaction.



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