Fin Flick #2: Monopoly Empire Unboxing

Hey Rookie! Okay, so maybe you’re interested in the idea of owning companies, but you’re not quite ready to invest your allowance or cold hard cash into them just yet. Time for Monopoly Empire! It’s a fast-paced riff off the classic game, only this time you own current BRANDS like Xbox, Puma, Nerf, and Beats by Dr. Dre you love instead of lame-o, old-timey PROPERTIES in Atlantic City, NJ—like Park Place, Boardwalk, and Baltic Avenue—you’ve never heard of. The first person to fill their tower with billboards of all the brands they own wins!

Take a look at this quick unboxing video (we sped it up so we don’t bore you) to see what the game is like!

Fin Fact: Monopoly Empire is made by Hasbro (HAS) Gaming.

If you find yourself ready to start investing, maybe you’ll want to start by owning Hasbro (HAS), the toy empire that has the monopoly on the Monopoly franchise! Or maybe by the time you’ve fake-owned enough play companies, you’ll be ready to real-own some real fractional shares in some real companies. When you’re ready, check out the companies you can put in your real-life “tower” also known as your stock portfolio.

Wishing you many happy returns!



/meghan Gardler